Staff meeting is tomorrow and your leadership retreat is two months away.  Don’t let the monotony of calendaring define the day.  The Vision DECK is a set of fifty-two exercises that will inspire your team and integrate your vision. Whether you are looking for new ideas, better team communication or a simple tool to help implement the vision you already have, The Vision DECK is your resource.  

The Companion Tool For Church Unique

Imagine your team and your church passionately and collaboratively working together from your unique strengths—aligned around a shared, common vision.  Church Unique: How Missional Leaders Cast Vision, Capture Culture, and Create Movement was written to help you achieve just that. The Vision DECK is designed as a companion to the principles and practices that are found in Church Unique.

The People Behind The Deck

Almost two years ago, members of the Auxano team gathered in a quiet seminar room at Gateway Community Church to brainstorm the content of The Vision Deck. Initial ideas came from a shared toolbox of exercises for leading church teams into collaborative-vision-crafting.  At the end of a day they had wallpapered the room with almost one hundred fifty ideas for possible exercises.    Read more